Bringing it down

well you know… i’ve had anxiety for a few days… i gotta say that my therapist… the one that’s leaving… hes definitely my voice of reason and really made me realize that i may be overthinking… and encouraged me to speak to my husband but i do have issues communicating my feelings and reasons for feeling and my approach isnt always the best… i have this thing with always wanting to know why… why do you do this? or why do you say that ? when i should just say “when you say things like that it makes me uncomfortable.” or just tell him to “stop”

i dont know what my fascination with knowing why is about but in a confrontational situation that i see asking that may cause an argument and i try to avoid argument but sometimes the way i ask can be quite aggressive…

my therapist made me laugh and really calmed me down… smh he’s amazing and i’m going to miss him Monday is our last session and i’m excited to see him and also i wish it wouldnt come so fast also… anyway.. i mean most people around me are enablers and he has such a level head and can pretty much direct me in the way i need to go…when im not thinking very logically…

so i had the conversation with my husband and he didnt realize i was taking him seriously.. he said that the reason he knew how my day went was because i usually have the same day almost every day and he didnt mean anything by it… and as far as having me followed.. he said he was kidding… but honestly something in his face and in the way he said it didnt seem joking…maybe i missed it… i dont know but, i’m feeling alot better…all thanks to my therapist…

i had spoke with my cousin about the situation and she pretty much was telling me that he might be serious or buggin my stuff… but yeah that’s ridiculous… honestly i’m really not doing anything behind my husbands back so it’s not like i have anything to worry about.. but still…




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