Don’t trust me

So I know for a fact that hubby does not trust me due to my past but lately he’s been telling me some disturbing things… I mean he’s always said things like this but he’s just saying it a lot more…

He told me yesterday that he was going to have someone follow me to work to make sure that I get there… he told me that he’s going to bug me to listen to conversations… and it’s fucked up as if I’m not paranoid as it is…. 

I gotta have a conversation with him about why he says things like that but I know it’s cause he don’t trust me…. I’m actually starting to believe him when he says it and it’s bothering me so much. 

 I walk to work and I’m looking behind me… the other day he was spying on me and caught me smoking so I don’t think I should put it past him… I’m trippin right now and literally sick to my stomach over it… don’t know what to do 😦 or if I should even take him serious 

He would tell me things like be careful what u say to others. You never know who’s around

I don’t know maybe I’m tripping but I just feel like I have reasons. So now I find myself getting to work earlier than I’m supposed to just to throw him off just in case….



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