anxiety at 100

today at work i was just filled anxiety… stomach closed… needing to take deep breaths…feeling very irritable… and today i finally told my husband how i feel and i told him that i didnt know why but i couldnt find myself to let him know that i believe he is the cause…i dont want to start an argument or make him worry or anything like that…but i just feel fucked up in the head… i hate it…

i mean i’ve dropped 7 lbs since last week… i havent been able to eat… no appetite… i eat cause i have to but not cause i’m hungry and i have been eating very little…like i said, no appetite….

today i actually wanted to go and put myself into the hospital or something just to take away these feelings that i have… i really dont know what to do… i’m just so paranoid and anxious and i dont know what else…



  1. I know those feelings they are hard to deal with. when do you see your psych doc again? I’d say talk to them about how you feel. the hospital is good if you feel unsafe. did hubby help any when you talked to him? xoxox

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