Last night

So I slept alone last night… hubby stayed overnight at his job… he also sent me pictures so I don’t know…

I was quite hypo last week maybe it was paranoia… I even lost 7lbs since last week so that’s also a sign I was hypo… think I might start taking my meds… not too sure yet…

So I haven’t seen my hubby since yesterday morning and I miss him even though when he’s home it feels like he’s not but at least he’s there

I don’t know… I’m just a little crazy I guess… 

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  1. Oh so he stayed over in the end? I was keeping my eye out on ur posts to see if he did or not. I find my meds do make me c things clearer it might help u too? Xxx

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  2. Yeah, that def seems hypo to me. The weight loss and the paranoia. Agree….take your meds chickie.

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