Am i going crazy?

So the weirdest thing has been happening on and off..this is all new to me…. i have no recollection of certain things that i’ve done, but apparently according to other people… i’ve done it… for instance, a couple of weeks ago at work… one of my coworkers said “____, there’s a meatloaf in here.” opening up the food warmer… i said “who put that in there?” 2 people confirmed that i did it… but i have no recollection of it…

then just today, i went to the bathroom… after i was done washing up i left the bathroom… i know i was there for a couple mins..not long at all… i remember looking in the mirror … then leaving… hubby asked me “who was i talking to?” i said “what?” he said “i heard u talking in there.” i asked “what did i say?” then he said “i couldn’t hear exactly what you said but you said something.” also confirmed by my sister… so i have no idea what’s that about…



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