Today’s session

met with my therapist today… our next and last session is coming up… it bothers me that i’ll never see him again but i’ll move on with my next therapist and see how that works out.

we talked about my husbands possible infidelity and how i’m also been thinking about going outside the marriage as well… i have def been there before so it’s a strong consideration but who knows if i’ll actually go through with it… i might and i might not… i know it’s not right and i dont want to hurt anyone in the process either so who the hell knows…

we talked about me and my husband possibly setting up date nights every week or every other week which sounds great but alot of the time my husband wants to stay home.. my therapist mentioned that i have to be insistent on it and maybe he’s right.. he usually is..

he also so gave me an idea for a date night… something called contradancing.. i hope i’m mentioning it correctly so thats sounds like something i would like to do… i dont know if hubby would but i would def like to try it… it’s out in brooklyn but there might be one in manhattan so who knows… i’ll have to do my research on it…

still having these lustful thoughts about my therapist… hes really a handsome and sexy man but i know when he leaves hopefully this lust for him will as well.. i mean he sits across from me and i just imagine him sitting there naked… lol i know it’s silly but yeah.. oh well… lets see what i can get into today…

i was supposed to go to jersey today but i changed my mind… i really dont like going out in the rain and it’s a gloomy day…

my therapist did notice the new contacts i have and that was really nice of him to notice… they are icy gray and they feel great in my eyes but it’s hard to wear with eye makeup because sometimes the vision gets a little foggy… maybe i gotta ease up on the makeup… lol



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