you know, i’m sitting here watching tv and i’m just thinking… i have a feeling my hubby may be cheating… no definite proof… anything solid.. just a feeling… maybe it’s paranoia but he goes out alot… doesnt come home when he says he will come home and he doesnt really talk to me when he’s home…

like right now i’ve been home for the past 2 hours…he’s usually home but tonights reason to come home late is that he’s helping a friend learn a computer program… so you mean to tell me that his friend brought his laptop to work? yeah ok.. i dont believe that for a second… smh…

i dont know what to think… maybe i should start taking my meds because this paranoia is real…

another reason i think he may be cheating on me is everytime he goes out he always goes out of his way to say that he’s not cheating and he wouldnt disrespect me and let me tell you.. i dont bring up cheating to him so for him to bring it up is weird to me…

i mean i’m not hurt or upset about it… im’ just thinking at this point because i have no proof…just suspicion



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