Cheating UPDATE

so my hubby came home today around 8pm… which isnt too bad, i’m used to him coming home at 11 or 12 or maybe later when he’s out… but today he comes home and tells me… “i’m telling you now, tuesday night we have overtime so i’ll be staying at the job.” Immediately red flags go up… my husband works in a hotel… anyway the last time he had overnight overtime at the job he was really at another womans house…smh…

he tells me i’ll even send you proof…meaning he will take pictures of himself at work but honestly those pictures could be taken anytime that he’s at work so i dont know…

i really cant wait to speak to my therapist on tuesday and see what he thinks… i know that he’s going to tell me i need to talk to my husband about it.. i just hope i’m not going crazy for thinking what i’m thinking or feeling what i’m feeling…

i just feel that if i approach him on this subject, he will get super defensive so i really have to work on my approach… i’m not very tactful with words alot of times… so yeah thinking of the approach…

He’s on his video games again playing with his friends … he says a little longer but ends up hours without speaking to me… 

I’m just going to sleep 😴 



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