so i saw the guy today and he walked by and said “what’s up” then he is standing at a distance from me and he mouths “sit on my face.” i told him “stop it…be nice… dont talk to me like that.” to which he replied “i am nice.” i told him… “i’m going to tell ____.” which is a girl he’s been trying to get with… he said “tell her, she might want to join in.” and i just left it like that… smh.. i’m so disappointed in myself for not standing up to him… i mean, i tried… guess i wasnt convincing enough…

yesterday i went out with a coworker and took pictures… it was really nice of him to let me take shots of him.. we had a good time… i processed the pics and sent them to him.. he liked them alot…

so hubby is out right now with one of his friends and i’m home alone with my little brother but he’s playing his video games… honestly feels no different than when hubby is home… he’s always playing on his video games and doesnt really talk to me… it’s like i’m home alone when he’s here anyway…

i want to go out and socialize and meet some new people… maybe i can go to a bar or something and have some fun.. there is a bar that i used to go to where the people are super friendly… no it’s not cheers but pretty close… i just got home from work and i just want to get dressed and go out… so …

i dont know i havent decided….



  1. Wow, he is blatantly rude, inappropriate and disgusting. I’d say “Don’t ever speak to me again.” And I’d turn my back. If he said something else tell him you’ll report to management.

    I’m sorry!!!! That is not right and it’s not your fault. ❤

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  2. it sounds like your very frustrated and you want to be impulsive and go out to have fun on the spur of the moment which is normal and natural since your husband is not paying you any attention at all! sending you lots of love and hugs. x

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