i want to do something

so i have been waiting for this guy thats been sexually harassing me at work to come in… he hasnt been at the job for the past 2 days so maybe i’ll see him tomorrow and if he tries something else…i cant tell him how i dont approve of his remarks and of him touching me… so lets see how it goes tomorrow…

today at work was awesome… it wasnt busy so i was able to finish my work and after work i went out with a coworker to shoot some pictures.. this 19 year old was my model for the day and we had a great time… i hope he loves how the photos came out..i love photography and post processing them…

so hubby is on his game again…. last night he was on the game from about 430 till maybe midnight… so what did i do that whole time…? i popped a sleeping pill and i slept… so he was free to play on his game… he already knows i dont like when he’s on for so many hours because it feels like i’m home alone cause he doesnt talk to me… he’s always talking to his friends that he plays with…

i’m actually finding myself wanting to search elsewhere for attention and i know that’s never good… i know my therapist told me i have to work on my communication so i’ve already had a conversation with my husband about being online for all those hours… and he still does it… so it’s like when he’s here i still feel alone…

i dont know..maybe it’s my hypomania talking … i just want to do something…



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