So yesterday the guy at my job that has been sexually harassing me actually touched me and I know I said if he touched me I’m reporting him… I feel sick cause I don’t want to get him into trouble… 

I was cooking something and one of the managers said she liked my eyes… cause I had makeup and the guy said let me see your eyes…. I looked at him and he said “kiss me” I said eww no…. then he touched me on the sensitive part of the neck …space between the neck and shoulder…

I don’t know what to do… we shall see… I don’t want anyone to lose their job over it either… 



  1. As a first step, I’d firmly (with a very tough face) tell him to “Never touch me again, or I’ll report you!” or something like that. Or if you feel more comfortable to just go to management, I’d understand.

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  2. There are consequences for every action. He knows that and he is putting himself in that situation. It’s not your fault. Nobody should be treated like that. From what you’ve described he had already advanced in his violation of boundaries. It’s your choice to report him or not report him. However I definitely would suggest it. You don’t deserve to work in that kind of environment.

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