maybe i’m paranoid…

so today i went to work and i had a pretty good day….i finished all of my work early and i was able to focus on my main job… so anyway i get home and hubby is home… mind you he came home drunk last night and also after midnight but the pill that i took worked… i was fast asleep when he got home so i dont even know what time it was… i saw he messaged me around 1140 pm so i know he probably didnt get home till after 12….

today he says that he feels i was distant but i honestly dont feel like i was… but maybe i was just not intentionally… i have a feeling he might be doing things behind my back when he goes out because he goes out often and is never home when he says he will be… but hey it could be my paranoia… it’s been kicking in a lot lately…

so anyway today i wanted to go to coney island and shoot some pictures .. do some of my photography but he talked me out of it… then i wanted to just go around my neighborhood and shoot.. he tried to talk me out of it too… but i went anyway… got a couple of good shots…

i really hope he’s not doing something bad behind my back because you know what… i’ll dish it back at him 10 fold….

he was suspicious of me going out to shoot pictures because i wanted to get pretty and put makeup on… he was like “you’re putting on make up just to do photography?” i mean shit i was going to take pictures of myself as well… like is he really serious… i dont know.. i even asked him if he wanted to come with me…he said no…

i’m home now and he’s on the video game and he stays there for hours..i mean we barely talk anymore… i’m not going to bring it up because it would probably start an argument or something and i’m not really in the mood to argue…

anyway here are literally a couple of shots i took



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