So …. Yeah

so hubby is still out and believe it or not i’m not upset.. i just popped in a sleeping pill and hopefully i would knock out within the next half hour… i mean i’m really not upset i just know when i know i’m off the next day i’m going to go out and he cant say anything to me…

he always messages me that he’s sorry or something but i mean at this point i dont even 20170601_012507000_iOS copycare.. i used to get mad because he would tell me that he would be home at a certain time and then he wouldnt… i mean it would drive me crazy to the point of tears and depression… but i’ve really come a long way… lol and he will be happy to know that this sleeping pill will be putting me to sleep tonight…

i stood home today… catered to myself and cooked… =) so i’m feeling pretty good.. just waiting for this pill to kick in… i had a pretty good day.. listened to my 80s music playlist… walked my dog and did some other stuff… i’d say… good times…



  1. Nice to have the place all to yourself. Good music to brighten the day. And good, clean fun to pamper yourself. That’s all one can ask for these days.

    Take care of you.

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