Maybe hypomania starting 

So I’m sitting here on my lunch break and just got a off the phone with a friend because her cat just died… I feel so bad she’s so sad… 

I’m not eating lunch today, not cause I’m not hungry but because I left my debit card at home… sucks but oh well…

My coworker asked me if I wanted something I said no thank you… 

Well I’ve been thinking about doing something that I may regret later so I’m kinda torn between what I want in the moment and what I really need to do… so hopefully I’ll make the right decision… I really just want some action… I’m just as Bruce Springsteen says in the song “dancing in the dark” “im just so tired and bored with myself”

I do the same thing every day in and out… I don’t know I just need something like an adventure… something new… 

my therapist noticed I was figeting a lot yesterday… I thought it was nerves but I think maybe it’s an early sign… I’ve been taking a lot of deep breaths which is something that happens to me…. I don’t know … guess we shall see… I’ve also had a hard time sleeping at night as well…

have any of you ever felt like that? 



  1. Absolutely! And often when I feel that way I go on what I’ve often called a “pursuit of pleasure”. A little pursuit is fine indeed, as long as it doesn’t go too far. Do check yourself and ask someone very close to you to keep a check on you, too. My psychiatrist lets me enjoy a little taste of hypomania, but he’s prescribed me some “as needed” medications to take when it goes a little too far over the edge. It’s good to have someone tell you when that time approaches.

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    • oh yes absolutely… but i dont think i have anyone that i can really trust to help keep me under control… most people around me are enablers… but yeah i’m def feeling good and i dont know what to do with all of this energy at the moment.. i feel like going out but lets see.. i like the way you call it a “pursuit of pleasure” because that’s exactly how i’m feeling right now

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