Looking for something to get into

so i’m home now from work and i had plans to just cook and stay home but now that my husband is out having a drink i feel like using this time to go out and have some fun of my own… but i want to go out and meet new people and socialize…thats how i’m feeling right now… i want to get into something just really dont know.. i mean i can go to my cousins house but i dont know if i want to.. i just know that i want to do something…

i mean what a change, honestly i knew hypomania was going to be coming to me soon but i really didnt expect this soon because i went through depression last week… i mean i am having problems sleeping and i just feel like i want to move.. i have to keep track as to how many days i’ve been feeling like this… from what i’ve heard and read if i’m feeling like this for 4 days or more than i’m really on the verge of a hypomanic episode… that would explain my boldness for asking for my hug from my therapist a few sessions earlier than i had planned…

i really have to control myself because i do become hypersexual and times like this i go on the lookout to cheat on hubby so i’m really trying to keep myself in check when it comes to that… i’ve already been thinking about it but i have not acted out on any of these urges… so far so good i’m trying to be a “good girl.”

i’m just feeling excited and i love the feeling.. i’m going to enjoy it… i just need to keep calm enough to fall asleep which has been a challenge for me these past few days… so lets see… i’ll be blogging about my experiences as i always do…


8 thoughts on “Looking for something to get into

      1. I get that. My partner has bipolar so I know how are just can go. One time she was in a manic episode and hit on the pizza guy who was delivering our pizza, no talking to her when she is in an episode she just does crazy things

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      2. She is, she goes through periods where she is very high and has to be hospitalised a lot, she even had to go on the locked unit because she was causing so much trouble in the regular psych ward, she’s okay now though she’s out now for the last couple of weeks again

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