Off Today

Today is memorial day.. a day to remember all of the fallen soldier of war… i’m off today from work and honestly no matter what day it is… i’m always happy to be off from work… today i took an awesome nap while watching Top Gun… i’ve never seen the movie before now i can say that i’ve never seen the ending lol… oh well..

well tomorrow will be one of my last meetings with my therapist.. i’m not as sad as i was… so happy to be out of that cloud… i havent been depressed in a long time and when it hits.. it hits hard and i hate it… so i think i recognized some of the symptoms… today i took a nap and that may mean i’m not quite over this cloud yet but at least the sadness is gone…

yesterday i had a great time with the family… we had alot of laughs.. it’s always a good time… my nephew and nieces were there and they are pretty quiet and shy kids so i brought them all coloring books to keep them entertained… my nephew said i love him because i bought him a book… well he didnt say that to me he said that to his mother and i cant help but wonder why would he say that when i always show him attention when i’m there.. he’s the one who’s just painfully shy and wouldnt talk to much.. maybe it will help him to open up to me.. who knows…

i still havent taken my meds… it’s been a few weeks.. besides the depressive episode i felt last week i think i’m doing pretty good.. i can always tell when i’m in an episode because i get tingles in waves all over my body and i always feel the need to take a deep breath… so yeah i was definitely in an episode..

so i’m here just waiting for my sister to get here… watching family guy… and thinking about my contacts lenses… i’ve been playing around with makeup so i know that the contacts will really make my makeup pop… i cant wait…

anyway … tootles…


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