Work today and heading to moms and yes clumsy me 

Super happy… I woke up excited and happy for the day… I get to see my nephews and nieces… today at work was pretty good… nothing too crazy…

The Dude that tried to hit on me told me he was “horny” and I said I don’t care why the fuck are u telling me?” He was like you’re the only woman around… 

I told my coworker that if he puts his hands on me or touches me in any way I’m going to report him. 

Anyway I wanted to pick up something for the kids but I didn’t know what so I just got them coloring books and crayons… hopefully they will like it … I’m terrible at gift giving…

The guy who takes my place when I leave was like no u ain’t going nowhere and tried to get me to do more work… I was tired and I did a lot already so I wasn’t trying to stay… this was the last day of a 6 day work week for me… I’m tired and I’m really looking forward to these two days off 🙂 

Today I broke some lady’s cart… can’t lie it was my fault for not looking where I was going… so she spazzed out … I went into the store to take money out the atm to give it to her for a new cart and she left and I couldn’t find her anywhere… I felt bad but oh well… 


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