Instagram Stealer…

So my boss comes to work and he tells me “I spoke to your sister today.” confusion hit my face… i was like “what?” he said “yeah she’s coming to pick you up, she didnt tell you?” i was like “no.” and immediately i can feel my temper come up because she goes to my IG and she steals my friends or i should say my followers…

she takes them so that they can end up following her back and she can get them into her network marketing company… and for her to take my boss really pissed me off… i really dont want her to embarrass me…

so she came to my job and i see her and my boss chit chatting while she’s ordering and i’m asking her what are you guys talking about because as far as i know, they’ve only met once when she came to get me…

it just pisses me off…

dont take my followers…

i feel like being petty and taking her followers…lol sheesh

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  1. ag i’d feel the same way. get your own followers, bitch. lol. she networks, she should know how to get followers! x

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