sexual harassment? or getting hit on?

So last night i actually got hit on by one of my coworkers.. i really dont know what made him do that… but i took it as a joke…but i’m going to watch out and hope that he doesnt cross any lines… i just laughed it off as if i didnt take him seriously..cause i kinda dont… i mean everyone at work knows i’m married and i’m hoping that i didnt give him the confidence to hit on me because i barely talk to him…

i know most of you dont know what i look like totally and it’s ok.. but i’m a pretty good looking woman… i like to think so lol… =) so i dont know maybe he grew a crush or something… but yeah he def has no chance with me at all…

but i do know that once he crosses the line i’ll tell him to “fuck off.” he started off talking about my butt and asking me if it was “soft” he did say a few more things but i cant remember… he was referring to my butt as a cake… like i said he said some other things but i really didnt take him serious so i dont remember.. i’m going to be watching him and making sure he stays away.. i mean we both work in how far away can i stay away…

i mean dont get me wrong..i like to get hit on… by someone i’m attracted to lol… he’s def not someone i would be interested in… plus i’m really trying to be a good girl…

would this be considered sexual harassment? i think so but lets see if he crosses a line… maybe if he thinks i dont take him serious, he will stop…



  1. Yes, that is sexual harrassssssment. Its up to you, but it is something that could easily be brought up to management if it happens again.

    I’ve paid attention, you did post a pic or two of you. blurred out your face but you are an attractive woman. Regardless of whether you are attractive or not, still does not give someone the right to talk to you like that. It obviously bothered you enough to mention it here.
    I would say if it happens again, tell him to stop. Then if it doesn’t, go to management. Give it that one shot, maybe he was being stupid. Men are retarded when they are around attractive women, just an

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