Good friend came to see me

i had to work today and they have me scheduled 6 days this week.. and while i was at work i got a call from a former co worker… oh she’s someone that i love and i want her to be in my life forever… we used to work in the bank together many years ago…she called me to find out if i was home because she was in my area and the good thing about that was … i was in my area… i work 10 mins away from where i live…walking distance…


i havent seen her in a while … i think it’s been like a year … or 2.. she was in the area because he she had to take her cat to the vet… i treated her to lunch and we just had a good time.. i feel so nostalgic around her.. nothing but smiles and good feelings… so happy to have her in my life..she’s one true genuine person…



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