So pissed off because I thought I had this amazing opportunity for a job and turns out it was for some network marketing type company… I’m telling you from the moment I arrived and looked around the whole feel of everything was off… it didn’t feel like a job or a job interview…

The “manager” called us in a group into a big room with a screen on it then they started talking about having your own business and this and that … I mean I’ve been in the industry for many years… recently got out and started working a regular job… and I feel good about it… just gotta find the job that I like…

so there were two presenters I already know one talks about the products and services and the other talks about comp plan and “closes” the room… i was messaging my sister who was waiting for me outside and this place was far from my house I felt bad that I asked her to take me it was a total waste of time…

so anyway I messaged her and she told me to get up and leave right in the middle of the presentation and you know what… that’s exactly what I did… I mean nothing against that Industry but it just wasn’t for me anymore…

my ego is more hurt than anything because I should have spotted the early signs and left but hey now I know for the future…

I should have asked on the phone before I got so excited… I mean the lady called me from a hotel that I applied to so how was I supposed to know that it wasn’t for the hotel itself? Oh well



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