Well this morning started out pretty shitty because i woke up at 630 in the morning to step into the kitchen and there was a huge mess on the floor… apparently my husband was so drunk last night that he spelt a huge glass of soda all over the floor and didnt properly clean it up…so yeah.. i was up mopping the floor at 630 then i had to rush and shower to get ready for work…

i ended up cutting myself at work today pretty bad.. i’m definitely a bleeder and i was bleeding for like 20 mins and went through like 3 band aides and guess what.. i had to work through it… this is the second time i cut myself really bad and they made me work through it.. meanwhile a new girl got cut and she’s not coming in for the rest of the week. what type of BS is that… this job really dont care about me… it was a small cut but it was deep… and maybe an inch long.. i dont mean to sound like a big baby but it’s just the principal… i also burned myself really bad yesterday and it’s huge and they didnt send me home… they make me work through my injuries lol … i’m laughing but it sucks…


so anyway…. yesterday i received a call from another job that i had applied for… it was a job that i applied for before i got hired here at the restaurant…so i was really surprised because it’s been months and i cant believe they called me but i didnt realize it would be so far… i’d have to take the metro north all the way to work so it would be like an hour or so away… so for my interview tomorrow my sister will be taking me….i’m very grateful for that…

i also told my boss he said that i’m one of his “most loyal” employees and he was quite surprised…but honestly…did he really think i want to stay in fast food… def not… i hope i get it which i know i will because every job i’ve ever applied for and interviewed for.. i get hired…. so i’m very confident so i had to go to staples and get my resume printed… keeping it professional…i just hope it’s way more money than what i’m making now because it’s going to cost me more to travel there…

oh yeah BIG NEWS!!! i’m not pregnant… so i was 6 days late on my aunt flo and she’s here so it sucks that i wasnt pregnant and i gotta say i was feeling alot of weird pms symptoms that i’ve never felt… seriously thought i was knocked up…

as far as the depression… i’m still sad but its slowly lifting… i got an email response from my therapist so he really kinda calmed me down and i’m feeling a little better but still down… 635952975471605111-1067343120_Opportunity-Ahead-dreamstime_xl_16960957



  1. ❤ Good luck!!!! I gotta say, I am PMSing like crazy right now. My friend and I share the same schedule, because we spend too much time eating cheese and drinking beer together, I presume. Anyway, we both said this is the worst PMS we've ever had!! I wonder if it is something with the moon… It's a new moon tomorrow. Anyway, take care of yourself, and I will send good vibes your way tomorrow. Also, I've been taking fish oil supplements and it's REALLY helped with my depression. I also make myself do yoga for 20 minutes every morning no matter what. I just do poses that I know really well, so I don't have to watch youtube or anything, like literally just do it before I can make an excuse not to hehe Hope that the clouds part for you quickly.

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    • Thanks so much for this… idk man yeah my pms was a little nuts 🥜… hmm fish oil I’ll try that… me and most of the girls I work with are synced up cause we are always together… thank u for the positive vibes and as for yoga I have to take a super beginner course… lol I suck at it except for downward dog heheheh


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