After i finished my last blog.. i dolled myself up cause even though i’m sad, i dont like to look it… i put on some makeup and got dressed really cute.. yeah just to walk my dog…so we were out for about an hour. It was a nice time to think about stuff and see what i can do to distract me from this sadness if only for a moment. we walked and we came upon this playground… i havent been to a playground in years.. i mean why would i..? i’m 37 with no children…. so anyway i decided to go in there with my dog and swing on the swings… i havent done that in so long and i only did it for like 3 mins but it was a great distraction…until i lost interest and just felt like being sad again.

so i figured what can i do now… just decided to take a bunch of selfies and post them…maybe peoples comments would make me feel better in some way shape or form… got a ton of likes… really not many comments but that’s ok…

now my husband is still out with the guys after this morning he told me he wasnt going anywhere… i know we didnt have any planned tonight but just still… why say something and then dont mean it… but it’s whatever.. i’m not even mad.. i dont even care… hubby just messaged me “Im a Faithful guy I don’t cheat I might still a little out with the guys but I don’t disrespect you. I only thing i do wrong is try to leave I tell you” well with all of those typos i can tell he’s feeling a little nice… i just wrote back “its fine, dont worry about it…”

I dont know why he always thinks i think he’s cheating or he feels the need to tell me he’s not cheating… this is like the 2nd time he’s done that.. is it a guilty conscience or he’s just trying to reassure me…? i dont know… but at this point i really dont care… well at this moment i really dont care.. i think i’m just gonna go to sleep… gotta work in the morning anyway and do the same shit over again.. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZvAAAAJGNmMWFjMmFlLWY1YTctNDI5My04NmNjLWVhYjc0OGYxYThmNw