Possible Depression

so yeah i think depression is starting to rear her ugly head.. i feel heavy hearted and sleepy all the time.. i just want to sleep.. i dont want to do anything… i dont feel sad yet but i dont feel happy or even normal right now… i feel like it i think of something sad i’ll start crying which normally doesnt happen to me…

so hubby is playing video games right now … he doesnt know i’m depressed, i really dont like to worry him… if i start crying of course he will ask.. oh yes.. i’m definitely not feeling good… trying to think what may have triggered this feeling… maybe cause i’m not on my medicine… i expressed to my therapist that i wasnt feeling like myself… like i was a little off… i dont want to weird him out but i’m going to hug him so tight when he leaves…

we did talk about the whole switch and i asked him the new lady and expressed that i wanted the whole situation just ripped away like a band aid… ill see the new therapist when it’s my time to see her… maybe this is why i’m sad.. i dont know…

i just wanna go back to sleep…


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