Whats up with me?

oh man some days i dont sleep…and need pills to knock out…and some days i just want to sleep all day… for the past 2 days even now i’m just incredibly drowsy and sleepy as soon as i get home from work and all i want to do is sleep.. my husband does a good job at putting me to sleep by rubbing me on my back or my head or my butt… and knocks me out faster than the way i would naturally…

i know this may be tmi but also my period is 4 days late and i dont want to say the “P” word, but we have been trying.. a couple days ago i had what felt like menstrual cramp but without aunt flo… for me both of those go together.. never have one without the other… but anyway then i was feeling the weird twinge…kinda like a muscle spasm..on my left side on my uterus .. nothing painful just a weird feeling, i never felt before… i also been having slight headaches..nothing too crazy.. my boobs feel swollen and achy… and they feel huge… lol well i am kinda busty with a 36D bra..but when i feel swollen…i just feel so voluptuous…lol i’ve just been feeling so off.. i dont know… i just want aunt flo to hurry up.. or just dont come at all.. stop teasing me..

i’m aware that my moods may get affected around this time and i may feel emotional or whatever… but lets see… the only time i feel i got emotional was when i started crying watching love and hip hop when jocelyn gave birth… lol yeah i was tearing like a baby…and that never happens to me.. ok maybe once in a rare blue moon… i dont know.. i just want to go back to feeling myself..

i just woke up and the “friend” that i cant be friends with called me and asked me if i wanted to hang out.. ugh… NO! i think i’m staying home to sleep.. that sounds really good… i meant that’s after i finish my therapy appointment…

it’s 10:55pm and i just woke up maybe 20 mins or a half hour ago..i hope i can get back to sleep… oh well… off to shower now… =)



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