On very little sleep

So last night was so terrible… I was waking up every hour on the hour give or take a few mins… ​so tonight I’ll be taking something to help me just knock out all night

​So my husband was playing video games until after 3 in the morning and I kept waking up cause I was thirsty then to use the bathroom and every time I woke up I noticed my brother had the bedroom light on… so i went to his room and i nagged him a little big.. not gonna deny… what i def did was nag him about taking his plate to the bedroom and not sleeping with it on the bed.. then i woke up again and his light was still on so since my previous nagging he already had an attitude problem … then i stepped on something sticky on his floor i was like “what the heck did i just steop on?” he was like “it’s from the bag behind you… ” he mustve been half asleep because there was no bag behind me  but anyway tried to go back to sleep after cleaning off my foot… then my dog started wimpering .. for some reason she doesnt like the sound of my air conditioner in my bedroom… and she’ll cry at night… so i told her to go back to her bed… and there she went…

waking up was terrible.. i was def not in the mood to go to work, but i went anyway… what a day i had… the machine i use to cook the food had a leak and was draining onto the floor so i spent half the day mopping the floor, i couldnt even could all my food so i was backed up most of the day… plus i ended up getting a headache.. to top it off… smh

… ugh i couldnt wait to go home… my sister came to picked me up… at least i didnt have to walk home.. now i’m home… all i want to do is sleep but i have to entertain my sister here…

hoping i can go to sleep soon.. i mean it’s only 530pm…



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