Pride Comes before the Fall

I’m so stressed out right now… this is such BS… my husband is at the court dealing with a rent issue and he tells me that we owe 5 grand of rent plus this months and have 30 days to pay it… smh i’m so super stressed.. i just feel like crying right now… he had me under the impression that we had everything under control… this totally sucks… he’s going to ask a friend for the money.

i have a trip to canada coming up and i told him i’m going to cancel my trip to help pay… he doesnt want me to cancel the trip because then my family will know that we are having problems with money…smh…

i just recently started saving money and i have less than 1000 saved up…i have no idea what to do and my mind is going a mile a minute… i wish he would have told me we needed help. Now he wants us to go to the one shot deal place and i would have to take off work to go to all of these appointments which would mean less money for the rent…

i’m in a shit hole right now…

how the heck did it get this far…? I dont want to be going through this.. i’m mad… i’m sad.. i’m scared… this truly sucks…

i have to try to calm down and think rationally about this…




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