Yesterday at the cousins

So yesterday i went to my cousins house.. i mean i had “BIG PLANS” to stay home and stay in bed all day but i saw the weather was beautiful out and knowing that i had to be at work today.. i couldnt just waste the day… it was my uncles birthday and i was so happy to see him… weed was being smoked there and i felt like telling my cousin to blow it in my face lol… but i didnt…

i had a good time playing with her dog… as soon as i got there her dog snuggled up with me…

oh man but once i got home the allergies started kicking my butt.. i couldnt stop sneezing and my eyes were bloodshot… i was miserable…. but oh well…

today was an ok day.. i’m home now with my sister..we’re watching 60 days in… anyway..

so hubby decided to go out for drinks today… and it hasnt bothered me in a while because he doesnt give me a time anymore.. he pretty much tells me… “i dont know what time i’ll be home.” and i’m good with that… rather than him giving me a time and not showing up… that’s what really bothers me…

hubby got kinda upset that i kept video calling him every hour or so because he was home playing video games… smh.. i just wanted him to know that i was still where i was because he knows that sometimes my impulses kick in and i’m not where i say i’m going to be… i cant help it.. sometimes i’m one place..the next time i’m in another… it’s just i get bored quickly at times…

i havent taken my Seroquel in like 2 days… and i havent felt sick or anything..i’m glad about that and i’ve been going to sleep at a reasonable time… but the thing is i cant stay asleep… i wake up..but i end up going back to sleep but i think i can manage for now… i havent told my therapist that i havent taken my meds… he’ll be so disappointed… he looked so happy when i told him i was taking them every day but its not my fault lol… hubby wanted some sex the other night but i had taken my seroquel and i fell asleep…so the next night i didnt take it thinking i’d have sex but he was playing videos games so i just fell asleep without taking it… tonight i told him i’d have sex with him so i’m not going to take it tonight… lets see what happens… Yesterday-590x393




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