Who Have You Told about your Mental Illness?

The funny thing about my diagnosis is, i believed my therapist right off the bat… of course i had a few questions but for the most part i believed him… So i guess with my belief came acceptance and i know many people have a challenging time accepting their diagnosis…. but with my experience, i dont have the challenge of accepting… it’s really my family that does.. they believe that i shouldnt take meds for it and it’s ok to see a therapist but that i have bipolar 2 is bullshit because i’ve always been the way i am…

but now that i’ve accepted it.. i can do what i can to get better, although there’s no cure for bipolar… and yes i do make mistakes.. but it’s a journey..

i guess what matters is that i know my therapist was accurate in his diagnosis… i always thought something was up with me… i was sad and i had a bunch of other things i was dealing with… extremely sensitive to certain things and situations… i mean i believe bipolar happens in private because no one has ever seen me depressed…not even my family… i mean it’s not like i cried in front of them… or cut myself in front of them… so yeah i can see why they have their doubts… when i mention my thoughts of suicide i get that look… that judgy, kind of “i dont believe you” look… so yeah… i can understand…

How do you handle it when friends or family deny your diagnosis?




  1. I can identify with the “family vs bipolar” judgement thing completely! As open as I am about my illness to complete strangers is in direct contrast to how secretive I am with family members about it. They don’t get it and they don’t want to get it. They’d just prefer to think of me as lazy. But that’s okay, after 10 years of dealing with it I know that’s their insecurities not mine. I’m happy with who I am. I’ve grown considerably and I don’t need their approval or acceptance. I only ever needed my own. I don’t share with them anymore. It’s their loss, not mine. That might sound arrogant but really it’s just self preservation. I wish you well. Stay safe!

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    • thanks so much for commenting but yeah i feel the same way… i mean i wont even talk about it anymore… just last night i was reading my bipolar 2 workbook and she was like “why are you reading that, you dont even have bipolar” so yeah i just ignore her…

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      • Yeah it’s hard. Just try to remember that reaction says more about the person making the statement than it does about you. I spent years trying to get my friends to understand and after being wounded over and over by their flippant ignorance I finally realised that I was the only one who needed to understand and accept me. Their opinions really don’t matter. As long as you put your happiness in other people’s hands you are gonna be miserable. Stand tall, you are in control, you are amazing, your family is in some ways struggling more with the truth than you are. It hurts them to think of you being sick and they don’t want that pain in their life so they cuddle into the pillow of denial. They are trying to deal with their own mortality because after all if you are sick, that means there’s a chance they might “catch it” too and they can’t deal with that. Hang in the girl, you are doing awesome! xx

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      • i can absolutely see what you mean… def.. i mean its sad that they dont believe but it’s also ok… i’ve accepted me and all my glory as well as my faults… i’m working on myself and doing what i can to maintain a healthy mindset… of course i’m still a work in progress as we all are… but yeah it’s a journey that im taking and i’m so glad that i’m not alone…

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