AutoMatic Thoughts

So i’ve been reading this new bipolar 2 workbook and they mentioned keeping track of automatic thoughts… just so that i can see the pattern of thinking that i have and honestly i’ve only kept in mind one automatic thought this morning…. i went to the store and i looked in my wallet… i know i had about 20 bucks in cash in there and when i went into my wallet i didnt see it… my automatic thought was “someone stole my  money.” then i kept looking in my wallet and found it…

the reason i thought someone stole it was because my brother has one of his home girls from out of town staying with us and i dont know her and to be quite frank i dont know how well he knows her… but yeah…

wouldnt that be anyone’s automatic thought though? lol i dont know…

another automatic thought i had was my boss had me prepare some food in which we had a whole bunch of… so i told him “you do realize we have 7 pans of this right?” he said “yeah but it’s good to have more so that tomorrow we dont stress…” so the guy that takes over my station when i leave went to the boss and told him the same thing that i said… then the boss said ok i dont have to make more… i asked the guy “what did you tell the boss…?” he said “i told him the same thing you said.” so the boss walks in on us talking about it… he says “i know you’re talking about me.” i said “we’re talking about the extra food situation.” to that he says “i dont know why when he told me i changed my mind…” my automatic thought was.. “CAUSE HE’S a MAN“…

i was really trying to pay attention to my thoughts and i really didnt have any other automatic thoughts that stood out… so here’s to keeping track of those thoughts.. at least it could be something i can discuss with my therapist.. i’ll try to pay attention to them during the week…



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