Had a great day… he said yes… =)

i usually like to write after my therapy session where i can reflect on discussions but yesterday i just didnt…. I know that i made a commitment to write every day but i give myself permission to not… lol it’s ok.. My therapist and i had a discussion on this very topic… he doesnt want me to put so much pressure on myself to write in here because it may lead to disappointment…and he doesnt want me to disappoint myself… it’s cool… i’m cool about it… i just felt it’s something i should do.. but no real big pressure about it…he did mention that it could end up being not fun anymore and start feeling like a job if i put pressure on myself.. but yeah.. i’m cool breeze… lol

so many of you know my therapist is leaving in august…still bother me so i’ve been thinking for the past week that i’d like a hug… i know some therapist allow it and some dont… but my hug would be different… it would be during our last session… a goodbye hug…a thank you hug…and i’ll miss you and never forget you hug… i asked him and he asked me “what would a hug mean to you?” so i pretty much said what i said earlier that it would mean all these things… he said “sound reasonable.” so now i have a goodbye hug to look forward to… i know it wont be like this picture but hey..i could wish lol =Phug-day-19_759

i didnt take my seroquel last night…not intentionally… i just fell asleep without it… hubby and i are trying to have a child and he wanted to have sex the other night but i had taken my seroquel and i usually fall asleep rather quickly with it so it was just a matter of bad timing…so last night i didnt take it because i thought we would but we didnt… i guess we can try tonight…

i usually feel weird the day after i dont take my seroquel.. kinda feel like my body is vibrating…weird sensation…

i went to my cousins house last night… and she was smoking weed.. i used to smoke many years ago but i stopped in 1999.. i know that if i did it …i’d be really trippin out but honestly..it was in my mind to take a drag but i just changed my mind… i just wanted to see how it was but i know..with one drag.. i’d be really messed up as if i smoked a whole blunt…lol i’m a weakling like that lol

so i went on amazon and i got this book…  its got so much information and even fill in the blanks.. i briefly told my therapist about it but i think i’m going to bring it in when i see him next week… 20170516_111318293_iOS

i wrote on facebook that i made really big plans to stay in bed all day..but now i’m thinking about it… it’s going to be beautiful here in ny…do i really want to waste the day in bed? lol but i do work tomorrow and i should rest…ugh i dont know… hubby decided to stay home from work… at his job they were giving days off so he decided to take it to be with me…maybe i’ll take us to go grab breakfast… he’s sleeping right next to me..i was just about to wake him to ask him if he wanted to go out for breakfast… but he looks so peaceful lol…

i spent some time with my mother…we had such a good time… i introduced her to snapchat because she expressed how she wanted the filters on her phone but there’s no way that i know how to get those filters for pictures other than to have the app…so i just downloaded it for her… we had so much fun playing with it…we’ve mustve taken 20 or 30 pics… =)



  1. I’m glad you’ll get that hug.

    My psychiatrist and I have known each other for 13 years. He’s never even touched my hand. I’ve always had a crush on him, mostly because he’s just such a wonderful guy. I think I will ask that he at least shake my hand on the last day I ever see him. I don’t know when that will be, though. My husband wants to move to Europe. Not sure when. My psychiatrist is in his early 70s. He says he’ll never retire, but I’m sure he will. Or he’ll get ill someday.

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