Mothers day..just work… =/

so today was almost the first time that i actually forgot to write in here… i worked today at 7am and i was tired when i got home… i cooked..showered and now i’m home with hubby watching shrek 2..

i just took a seroquel so i should be in dreamland in a little bit… i cant wait.. i really need the rest..

today is mother’s day and i didnt get to see my mom today, i was just so sleepy…well not sleepy just tired… i’ll go see her tomorrow…just another thing added to the list…

i was working real hard today.. we were supposed to have a super busy day at my job but guess what… looked like i was the only one who was busy..but it’s ok.. at least i got the extra hour overtime…

today is my friday and tomorrow i have so much to do…i ‘m thinking of going to the college when i leave my therapists office..i want to find out how much i would have to pay for college… lets see…

happy mothers day to all of the mothers out there…



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