Uneventful day… =\

finally home after a busy day.. i was feeling good today was making customers laugh and even my co workers… so i’m home and it sucks outside..i wanted to go to forever 21 and buy a dress..i’ve never really worn one..lol i know it’s stupid but i want to… i’ve worn skirts and things like that but i think a dress would look so pretty.. just hoping it would be pretty on me..

i mean nothing really eventful happened today other than the fact that i have to be at work at 7am tomorrow.. i wont even be able to leave early.. i have to stay from 7 – 4.. it’s ok..more money in my pocket.. plus i’m off on monday and tuesday… Monday i have such a busy day… i have to see my therapist at 12 but i want to see if i can wake up extra early and head to the college to drop off my transcript… we shall see…

it was super busy today at work i was kind of hoping that it would be a slow day..but definitely wasnt…

tomorrow is mother’s day i know it’s going to be crazy at work…


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