Cant Wait!

So i’m super excited about Monday.. i’ll be dropping off my old college transcript and get the process of going back to school going again… i mean i looked at my transcript and i must say… NOT TOO SHABBY...


I cant wait to be in that environment… to be in the learning environment and i know it’s going to be challenging but i’m up for it.. i’m also going to sign back up for my acting classes… i just need to keep myself busy… but with a new degree i know that more doors will be opened for me and i cant and wont be stuck at this stupid job i have now..

so i made plans with my friend to head out to brighton beach or cony island for some photography.. i really hate going all the way over there by myself…it’s about 2 hours from where i live and the train ride sucks… my girl friend lives in brooklyn so i’m sure that the beach would probably be more closer to her…we are going close to sunset or at night sometime this week… i cant wait…

i honestly want to go tomorrow to shoot but lets see…


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