Been feeling good, just a lil sad

For the most part i’m feeling good.. no crazy emotional shit happening with me.. days like this i begin to feel normal again… now why was i sad then…well.. just thinking about my therapist leaving… it’s harder than i thought.. and what really bothers is that i’ll NEVER see him again..and thats an issue for me… i dont know..i’m just sad about it..

today at work was super busy… and it’s only thursday…ugh.. cant wait for the weekend to pass..

i really have to get into my photography.. thinking about heading over to cony island beach or brighten beach and shoot pictures of the ocean and shoot whatever pictures of the rides i can get… i mean even if they arent in use yet.. id still like to shoot them…

sometimes just shooting pictures and getting into my photography is very therapeutic… i’ll probably spend most of my summer shooting there…i need to get back into it..



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