Reflection time after session

just got home when i was supposed to meet up with a friend… he’s running late so while i have laundry working i’d like to reflect on my session…

During the session my therapist expressed that we “only have a few sessions left” and i have to say i kept an upbeat demeanor for the most part..but i’m really feeling broken… i’ve really grown attached to my therapist… he was amazing and i dont see myself having those feelings for someone else..and then the whole thing of having to start over and adjust… i just hate endings… my therapist was really good about bringing it up even said he’d miss me as well… just sucks that i will never see him again… on a professional level or any kind of level…

I knew that this would happen eventually but i just feel like it’s so soon.. and i know he’s got to move on… and do what’s best for him.. he said that i’ve made “tremendous progress” and i know i have…he’s the one who helped me realize my disorder and directed me in the right direction… i just hate the loss…

How do others deal with this.. i’ll be looking up blogs to see how others have handled the change… ugh..i hate change most of the time..

I start to feel if i should even open up and gain the trust of someone else if there’s a possibility of them leaving… i’m like what’s the point… i’ll give it a try only because my therapist said i should…

I kinda feel like it’s a break up.. like my heart is heavy with the whole thing.. maybe i’m freakin psychic…maybe the splitting thinking was for a reason…who knows.. i’m just glad he’s giving me time to adjust emotionally by telling me now and maybe we will work it out and he can ease me through this transition…

to answer an unanswered question, he’s leaving our current center for another one in another borough. He’s not going to counsel people on the level in which he does here… i guess it’s a new position…



  1. I’m going through this as well, my therapist is moving at the end of June. She’s the only therapist I’ve had , well until I started with talkspace. I feel grief and loss and that’s part of why I’m numbing and disassociating. I’ve really got no advice, just understanding *hugs*

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