Heartbroken,but I knew 

So yeah I went into therapy discussing my split mindset and he says I may have forseen something the moment he said that my heart broke… I mean I knew one day he would move on and help others but I’m just like damn…. so soon 😦 he recommended another lady therapist and my readers know I don’t open too well to women… my therapist objects to that so we shall see….

I’m just so sad I mean I knew he’d move on but damn… I know i said that before… I’m thinking now where do I start… he has notes about me that he will pass to the next therapist which is very helpful… 

I noticed I wasn’t giving too much eye contact… kept looking down at my jeans fidgety…. I have to emotionally prepare myself for his move… he seemed really happy about it and I am happy for him…. just not happy that I’d miss him and his jokes, great advice and comforting smile 

He warned me that I may be going through some emotional stuff and he’s right about that…

I just hate goodbyes and the fact that I will NEVER see him again 😦 

Just sucks … I feel so heartbroken