Tired today

that basically sums up my day…lol i’ve been lethargic all day… i even took a nap earlier which i rarely do… i hate feeling sleepy because now i feel like my day was wasted… ugh… I had to do laundry but now everything i wanted to do today i have to do tomorrow… but its going to be a busy day tomorrow… i’m meeting up with a friend after therapy… He said he’s been wanting to see me and i havent seen him in a few weeks…

i asked hubby if i could hang out with this male friend and he said ok… which i’m glad about because my husband doesnt necessarily like this guy only because we dated some years back… but i guess that’s enough anyway…

I have therapy tomorrow and i have my list ready.. it’s a list of things that i want to discuss with him and oh yeah he finally emailed me back… he was out of the office i think for a few days but i told him that we will talk tomorrow about what i wanted to talk about… i wanted to talk to him about how i was feeling earlier in the week where i didnt feel like going back… of course the feeling has passed a bit…hmmm is it still worth talking about if i dont feel that way anymore…eh yeah.. i’ll still bring it up..

oh man i’m typing this and my eyes feel so heavy.. which sucks because the sun is still very much shining… 20170508_233228434_iOS

i also wanted to go and get my eyebrows done… they have grown back in and i hate it..lol i have to get them shaped up again so they could look nice but i guess i’m going to have to do them myself… oh well…

i’m going to jump in the shower now, maybe that will wake me up… it doesnt help that i’m home alone..hubby is doing overtime… hopefully he will be home soon but i know one thing..if he says he’s going to have a drink.. i’m def going to go out… or at least try to muster up some energy to do so… eh… lets see what happens…


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