I’ve Made The Decision

after much consideration and thinking, i’ve decided to go back to school… it’s really the only thing i’ve been thinking about seriously.. for a while now i’ve been feeling very stuck in my life… like i have nothing to look forward to or do besides my job.. at least at school i can work toward something and feel like my life is going somewhere… so i’ve ordered my transcript from my last college where i graduated with a 3.62 out of 4.0 and i think that’s pretty good being that i graduated with honors…

I’m really excited thinking about it… i mean when i come home from work and i’m with hubby all he really does most of the night is play video games…we dont do anything… i mean maybe it’s my fault too…i can ask to go somewhere or do something… but yeah i’m really excited about this new opportunity for me to go back to school…

what will i study…? well for a long time i loved learning about psych… i mean it didnt just come to me.. i didnt just recently get interested in it with my diagnosis of bipolar.. i actually took intro to psych… abnormal psych and child psyc and i was addicted.. i loved learning about it…

i just finished ordering my transcript… cant wait to pick it up so i can take it to the other school… i know they will be pleased with my former grades…  since it’s considered a BS degree i know i’m going to have to take lots of math and that’s def not my strong suit but i know i’ll have amazing instructors.. =)

i’m so happy to be looking forward to something.. =)



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