Molestation and Bipolar Link?

I read this article today and i also read a blog on it… here’s a snippet from the article…

“Emotional abuse experienced in childhood, especially in children aged 5 years and younger, confers an increased risk for bipolar disorder, new research shows.”

That poses something very interesting to me because i was molested as a child…at least i think i was… i was about 4 years old and my abuser was 7 when it first started… now… if the abuser is a child as well, is it still molestation? Is it just the other child is curious…

Honestly i remember everything like it was yesterday… me and him were in a bedroom away from my mother… i was just a child.. he asked to lick my private part and i said yeah and i actually begged him said please do it.. i didnt really know what the heck i was doing as a child he just made it sound good i guess… i dont know…and he did…then he wanted me to to lick his and i didnt… i went to the living room…

The abuser is a relative so i really couldnt get away… believe it or not the abuse continued until i was about 16 or 17… he wouldnt touch me or anything but he would always show me his privates and i’d always tell him to put it away i dont want to see it…

Then one day when i was 18 and we were walking down my mothers street together he had the nerve to ask me if i remembered what we did when we were young.. i said no… shit…i didnt want to talk about it… why would he even bring it up? did he get a kick out of it? but anyway after i was 18 the abuse stopped and he didnt show me his penis anymore… i’m telling you he lived on the first floor and he would even show me out the window… disgusting…

but yeah so reading this information kinda made me wonder… personally maybe there is a link?

when i was about 17 or 18 i told his sisters about it and they blamed me for lying… they didnt believe me.. they started crying and told me to stop lying… so.. i never brought it up again…

i never told my mother or anyone else… its just something i didnt want to bring up or discuss… my husband knows..although i dont know if he remembers.. i told him a long time ago…



  1. Maybe there is a link. It’s a link with other illnesses like PTSD and Fibromyalgia. I’m sorry you had to endure being sexually abused as a child. It’s making me nauseous thinking about this. 😦

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