A good day =)

Today was a good day at work.. it was super busy.. emotionally i believe i was ok.. i was calm and collected all day even through busyness of the restaurant.

Boss came around … not just the regular… the big boss… he noticed that i was talking to the customers and he asked one of the other managers if i usually talk to the customers…she told him yes… that i’m very friendly… i do not bring my emotional baggage to work so even when i’m feeling like shit or not having a great morning… i leave all of that at the door and i just work…

i know that when i’m at work there’s really no time to think of personal things.. i am just constantly on the go.. so i guess for me work can be stressful but it’s therapeutic… it’s time away from my thoughts and feelings…

i’m home now finally and i’m relaxing.. i’m watching marriage bootcamp with my hubby next to me and when i leave work… he’s all i look forward to…



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