Just a thought…

Today was a great day at work.. it was super slow and i was able to complete all of my work.. my boss bought me some coffee this morning and from the first sip i knew i was going to have a great day… lol jk…

I was thinking today about what to discuss with my therapist and i came up with discussing my child hood…growing up with a heroin addicted step father and how that effected me or didnt effect me.. i’ll leave that to my therapist to figure out…maybe he can relate some of my issues to my childhood back then…


i do have some pent up feelings about that that i never really explored with anyone and since i have such a smart therapist…i figure we can discuss it together and see what happens… i dont know it’s just a thought…

today is ovulation day 1… gonna have some sexy time tonight with the hubby to try to get this baby thing going… we’ve been trying for so many years… but i’ve been taking some prenatal vitamins…hopefully it helps in that area… lets see..


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