Today’s therapy session

Today’s session was one of me not being prepared with anything to really say… i actually had to look at past blogs that i’ve written this week to see if i can come up with something… but i dont know… once i get there… we end up talking about some of the things that were in my blog but most of the discussion were things that werent on it…

He says’s that it’s good that i dont have any issues coming in… it means nothing has been bothering me… i already know i didnt have any emotional highs or lows… i guess it means that the seroquel is working… I told him that i’ve been taking the medicine and he had a huge smile on his face… i guess he was happy that i was still taking it…

We talked about when i was a child… and someone that i loved that died…and how i disconnect emotionally when i know the death of someone is near or might end up happening.. i guess that’s my coping mechanism… or a protection that i give myself…

i spoke to him about my time at benihana… and how much of a good time hubby and i had. We end up talking about when hubby with his buddies that i can go out too.. But to me it’s like who am i going to go out with… i dont have friends that i can just say “hey, lets go grab a beer.” you know… i really wish i had that… i did have that at one time…

we talked about my weight loss and how i’ve been maintaining my weight loss even on seroquel… I know that some people that take seroquel and just have a huge appetite… i dont really have much.. i feel like my stomach shrinks and i’m not very hungry.. i can go all day without eating anything… i guess that’s a good thing because i really dont want to gain any weight… I like to stay smaller than what i was before.. right now i weight about 176 and my clothes are fitting me better.. i have to buy a whole new wardrobe soon..

I expressed that i really dont know what to say to people who are depressed or sad.. i’m often at a loss for words because i want to say the right thing..i want my advice to resonate with that person.. i dont want to sound cliche and say what others have said.. but he did help with that..

I spoke to him about my possible hypomanic episode, and he read something to me from a psych book about it.. he mentioned that hypomania has to be about 4 days or more and that hasnt happened in a while. so i’m going to remember to take notes and even maybe look through my blogs for anything to discuss…



  1. I love how the psych books can tell us how we feel and that’s its wrong. That were not feeling those things. Says who?
    Since when does anything have to happen for any specific time frame to make it a real event?
    I sometimes have daily “events” and some even during the same day. A book can’t explain that with its specific times.
    If you feel a certain way, dont let anyone make you feel those feelings arent valid.

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    • I understand you … he did not say my feelings weren’t valid … in fact he said I’m allowed to have feelings and emotions I’m human but they are not necessarily symptom of bipolar… I’m allowed to have moments of emotion… everyone does… he brought it up because I was concerned as to what were the symptoms of a bipolar hypomanic high and depressive low… time frames were typically ya know


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