This is my daily therapy

I’m going to try something different and make a title for the blog after i’m done typing it… so anyway i’m here in my bedroom fully dressed… showered and already walked my dog..I have therapy in the morning and i’m really looking forward to it… it’s an opportunity to have some conversation and get things off of my chest…but to be honest… ever since i started taking seroquel..i havent had many…if any emotional highs and lows… not that i can recall…that always happens with that medication for me…but i guess that means it’s working..

I’m here listening to some spotify…they really have me jamming today… and i’m picking out my outfit for tomorrows appointment… yeah… it’s really important to me that i look put together every day…that i actually put some thought into my appearance.. my goal is always to look sexy…and comfortable… its important to me to always look put together on the outside…even though sometimes i may not be all put together on the inside..but it does make me feel good about myself.

I made a huge mistake by telling my therapist about this blog and i told him the website and everything absentmindedly… i forgot that he plays a big part in these blogs… i’m kind of embarrassed of some of the things i wrote about him..although true but still… i’m about 99% sure he’s not going to read any of it…so it’s comforting to know that..but then what about that 1% lol

Anyway i’m kind of glad that i’m keeping a daily log of things that i’m going through or think about…whether people read them or not… because it helps me to feel better and kind of put things into perspective… this is my therapy right here sometimes…

I have plans today.. after i’m done cooking i want to head downtown and get my eyebrows done and buy some bras… since i’ve lost weight my bras arent fitting as supportive..i bought one and i love the way my boobs look in them lol so i’m sticking with that lower size.. =) i know that may be tmi but i’m the queen of tmi… i’m supposed to go to my mothers house but i’m hoping i can hold it off until tomorrow… since i’ll be downtown i can easily take the train over… but oh no..i forgot… she goes to her little adult daycare thing… hopefully she aint going tomorrow but i’ll see…

anyway i’m headed to go check on dinner before it burns…

ta-ta for now



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