A bust!

Do you see this picture… ? This is where i’ve been at most of the day… watching movies on Hulu… On one hand i wanted to head downtown and do this and that…and head to my mothers and all that.. but ultimately… this is where i ended up… i dont know if it’s because i just got into lazy mode… or i just didnt feel like going anywhere….


I mean it’s still early i can still go out if i wanted to, but even as i type this.. i feel sleepy as hell… and i know i have to go to bed early so that i can wake up early… So many plans but i just destroy them with feeling blah…

the sun is still shining and it’s 7:05 pm.. i’m not sad or depressed or anything like that… just feeling blah.. i know tomorrow is my last day off before i have to go back to work… so maybe i’ll make the most of tomorrow… this 3 day weekend went too fast for me…

Hubby is at work doing overtime so i’ve been at home alone most of the day…well pretty much all of the day… i know in about another hour it’ll be seroquel time and then off to dream land… thoughts of me getting back off my meds come to mind but then i think about why i put myself back on in the first place…

smh… decisions…decisions…



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