My Date Night

Last night i sent a text to hubby saying that i want tonight to be special…and i want to look beautiful for him… he said that i always look beautiful… =) i love when he says things like that because you know…my confidence isnt always there…


so i decided to wear a nice purple shirt..some jeans and shoes.. i really wanted to wear a skirt but it was still too chilly for it…so i through on my leather and was ready to go… also decided to get a hair cut as well so i was feeling good… =) 20170430_215506155_iOS

20170430_212504647_iOSyou know i gotta say i had a real good night tonight with my hubby… i took him to benihana. it’s a japanese hibatchi restaurant… we had a blast… we didnt really socialize too much with the people sitting next to us… we all sat together at a big table…i facebook lived the whole thing… it was pretty cool…

the food was delicious … full of flavor and prepared right in front of us… except for some of the appetizers… i think they are prepared in the back.. but either way.. he cooked our main dish in front of us and did a few entertaining tricks… i gotta say i would def go again..and for $78 for a show and dinner for two i think it was amazing… great night..

next time we go out we were thinking of maybe going to a paint night thing.. where we can have drinks and paint something.. i suck at it but i think the experience would be fun… and you know what… i’m making him pay for it next time… lol





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