Anniversary Day

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary… hubby decided to call in sick from work to spend the day with me… i woke up super late which is something i hate doing on my days off… but i did go to sleep late… when i woke up this morning i reminded myself that i want today to be special and romantic… god knows i need some romance… so i woke up..showered and i went to the hair salon and got a hair cut… i havent gotten a hair cut in 3 years and it’s gotten damaged through all of the hair straightening and bleaching…

anyway.. i’ll be taking my husband to benihana… it’s a japanese hibachi spot.. i remember a few months ago he mentioned he wanted to go to a place like that… so this year its going to be my treat… i just want to have a good time…

hubby doesnt usually like my hair cuts… he likes my hair long.. and the person cutting it usually cuts a lot off..but tonight.. he likes it..he says i look dominican lol well… it was a dominican lady that cut … go figure… i love it…



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