Anxiety Filled Day

So i went to work today … i already knew today was going to be crazy.. so i had a bit of anxiety behind that… i mean the line is all the way to the door most of the day and trying to get all the food out quickly for these people by myself is super stressful… I was asking my manager to let me take a break early before the major rush happens.. i mean, i only get 30 mins..not like it’s a long time… but anyway i didnt get a lunch break.. i like my breaks because it gives me some time to decompress… but that didnt happen today…

My manager told me that the big boss was coming… so now add some more anxiety to that… i didnt know what he was coming for.. i was under the impression that he was going to watch me and watch what i do… i dont like being watched.. anyway thank god he didnt.. it was just so busy that he didnt even have time to watch me… but i was running around that place all was just nuts.. even when i left my job … my heart was racing.. it took me a while to calm down… the boss did appreciate my work though and that was nice…

I have a 3 day weekend coming to me… tomorrow is my 15th wedding anniversary and i’m going to take my husband out to dinner.i made the reservation and everything so i’m hoping for a great romantic night with him….im thinking of writing him a love letter by hand… we used to do that years ago… but i think a good old fashioned love letter would be romantic.. I also bought a new pair of shoes to wear tomorrow… i want to look beautiful for him… he said i’m always beautiful to him and that made me smile.. i’m very lucky…




  1. Wow what a day. I am glad you didn’t let the anxiety get the better part of you at work. And wow congrats on being married for that long 🙂 Yes you so should WRITE him a love note. I remember doing those…

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  2. Congrats on your anniversary! My anxiety would have prevented me going to work, so I commend you for making it through the day! My husband and I still write love notes to each other. It helps to know we are thinking of the other when we are going about our day.

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