Thought it would be a better day…

today started out like any other day.. i woke up, showered and went to work… manager came late to open up so i knew that i would be backed up at work…which i was… but the day went off without a hitch… did what i could and that was that… Hubby came to pick me up because he dropped my dog over at the groomers… she’s been giving the female groomers problems but doesnt seem to have problems with men shaving her… my sister picked me and hubby up and hubby noticed a lump on my dogs chest.. .kinda big.. smh we didnt notice it sooner because she’s had shaggy hair… now she’s’ fully cut like i always do when the weather starts getting nice and i’m all stressed out about this mass on her chest…I hope it’s nothing… 😦

My hubby was already talking about trying to get some money to get the rent paid… we are backed up like 4 grand.. i told him i would help him with the rent and now i gotta pay to get my dog checked… i always pay for her grooming and dr visits so now i know it’s going to cost so much because i’m sure the vet is gonna wanna check to see if it’s a tumor or something like that… smh i’m so stressed the heck out… i hope all goes well.. i was having a good day until this…

if i’d known this was going to happen i wouldnt have shopped for some new jeans… and i’m still waiting on over 300 from the bank…they mailed me a check for an account of mine that they closed…what i dont understand is why wouldnt they just deposit the money in one of my other accounts… smh… i’m telling you today is really testing me…Hubby is telling me to relax and turn my “frown upside down” but how can i when i’m thinking of my dogs health and the added expense… i just cant…

and i thought today was going to be good.. i’m so upset



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