Vivid dreams and sexual fantasies

As many of my readers know I have experienced an erotic transference situation with my therapist… thank god im over it but I’d like to share what that experience was like as well as discuss dreams…i am well aware that it may have been a hypomanic or hypersexual episode.

From the moment I laid eyes on my therapist he was strikingly handsome to me but nothing more than that… as sessions continued I developed an attraction and it swiftly grew over the coming weeks…

It was really uncomfortable for me feeling this way and I knew nothing would ever come about but yet I was obsessing these sexual fantasies about him… every day… every minute… every hour lol yeah it was nuts walking around flushed and horny all the time isn’t easy lol…

The fantasies I had without getting into too much detail were always set up at the therapy office…. and it was always the same scenarios that played out…

1. I’m on top

2. I dance sexually for him

3. I give him oral

4. I masterbate in front of him

Now in each of these fantasies he doesn’t touch me with his hands at all… which is weird for a fantasy but at this time they were so vivid, even in waking hours that I can smell, and taste him…

Thank goodness those feelings are over and I feel like I can speak them out more clearly….

I went one day and wanted to let him know these thoughts he said “you can keep that between you and you” and just like that it was over lol

Now my dreams are very much the same way… I have very vivid dreams at night… crystal clear but I attribute that to the Seroquel… terrible dreams sometimes too… feels like the pain is real so it’s nuts…

I had some dreams about my mother or someone close to me getting murdered… it was terrible… I woke up with the urge to call her and check on her… which I did…



  1. I too struggle with hypersexuality while hypomanic. Just wanted to say I understand how alive it can make you feel yet completely uncomfortable at the same time. As for your dreams, I would say pay attention to them. I firmly believe that dreams are one way our subconscious works on issues we’re dealing with. It’s you called your mom after your nightmare.

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